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Merzdog’s Ginger Brew Kit




Don’t blow your kitchen up and don’t waste your scarce, hard earned money on cheap-and-nasty concoctions.  Make something that you can be proud of in front of your friends, family and spouse!

Merzdog’s KGB is an affordable premium quality alcoholic ginger beer homebrew kit.  It is the ideal starting point for first time homebrewers who are looking to make a delicious alcoholic beverage during lockdown.  Just add water!!  Experienced brewers will love the welcome break from complex brewing with this simple time efficient brew kit.

Merzdog’s KGB was principally designed for the affluent gluten-free market who are looking for an alternative to malt based beers.  This is a quality product which combines both art and science.  Art is the in flavour, science is in how it is fermented.


  • Merzdog’s KGB Ginger Beer Brew Kit ingredients


  • 20l of water
  • A fermenter (or a bucket with a volume of up to 25l)
  • Bottles – either glass bottles or twist on cap brown bottles (1l). Bottles are available to purchase HERE.
  • Time and love!

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  1. Add 20 litres of room temperature water to your clean (preferably sanitised) fermenter.  If it is a cold day then add 1 litre of boiling water to 19 litres of room temperature water.  Add Merzdog’s KGB ingredients (bag 1) and stir vigorously – the vigorous stirring dissolves the ingredients but oxygenates your liquid – your yeast will love you for it! Add ingredients bag 2. Close the lid but don’t force it too tightly. Normally there is an air lock on the bucket but because every second person in SA is a home brewer there are none left. Leave for about 7 days.
  2. Dissolve bag 3 in a litre of your ginger beer and then return it to your bucket.  Gently stir (careful not to oxygenate the brew) with a sterile spoon and then leave covered for 10 minutes. Fill up your bottles and wait another week for your carbonation to take effect!
  3. Serve with ice and lemon!

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