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Distilling Strains


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800 billion cells
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Storage Info

The shelf life is 6 months and will be written on each tube, the ideal temperature is 4 degrees but simply put it just means keep it refrigerated and don’t allow it to freeze!

Our tubes are labeled as 800 billion cells but we pack considerably more to compensate for viability loss over the 6 months so the fresher the tube the better the fermentations will go!

Scotch Whisky Yeast

  • Fermentation: top
  • Temperature Range: 22 – 25°C
  • Attenuation: 75 – 80 %
  • Flocculation: medium
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10 – 15 % ABV
  • Strain Profile: A strain is renowned for Scotch whisky production since the early 1950s. This yeast produces a complex array of ester compounds and fusel oils, as well as some spicy clover character
  • Recommended Styles: American-style Whiskey, Scotch, Whiskey
  • Similar Strains: WLP045

Super Massive Black Hole

  • Fermentation: top
  • Temperature Range: 18 – 23°C
  • Attenuation: 80 – 100 %
  • Flocculation: medium
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 25 % ABV
  • Strain Profile: From England, this yeast can ferment up to 25% alcohol when used correctly. It produces ester characters that increase with increasing gravity. Malt character dominates at lower gravities. To achieve >25% ABV, sugar needs to be fed over the course of the fermentation.
  • Recommended Styles: Barley Wine, IPA, Spirits
  • Similar Strains: WLP099

Clean and Fast

  • Fermentation: top
  • Temperature Range: 24 – 29°C
  • Attenuation: 77 – 84 %
  • Flocculation: medium
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15 % ABV
  • Strain Profile: As the name says, this yeast ferments clean and fast and is ideal for any neutral grain spirit. Extended alcohol and temperature tolerance makes this strain very versatile
  • Recommended Styles: Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey
  • Similar Strains: WLP078

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Scotch Whisky Yeast, Super Massive Black Hole, Clean and Fast