Durban is a finger in the face of conformity. And Poison City Brewing makes its craft beer.

Poison City Brewing is Durban born and bred. Its creators Graeme and Andre live, surf and dream Durban.

And together they’ve made an exceptional craft beer – beer made for people who give a damn about what they drink, beer that never compromises on taste or quality, beer that lives where edge meets class, and beer that plays tribute to the soul of Durban.

Not the clichéd Sunshine City/Zulu Kingdom PR bullshit, but the real Durban – the Durban that makes its own rules, expresses its own unique personality, and never ever prostitutes itself to conformity.

Established: Oct 2015

Brew Master: Ladislav Vesely

Owner: Graeme Bird & Andre Schubert


Facebook: Poison City Brewing

Contact number: 072 289 4739

Address: 3rd Floor, 43 Station Drive, Durban, 4001

Facilities: None

Public opening times: N/A

Tours: N/A