Nguni Brewing Co. decided to join the unique class of fearless craft brewers in 2016.

The Brewery was founded by three gents in partnership. One aficionado – the brew master, and two beer enthusiasts – the consumers.

The brand features the head of a Nguni cow which is the prevalent breed on the East Coast of Southern Africa, from Kenya to the Wild coast. Nguni cattle are a vital part of our local Zulu’s aesthetic and spiritual heritage.

Each Nguni cow bares its own unique markings, much like human fingerprints, no Nguni skin is the same. This notion embodies our passion for creating unique beer which caters to multiple markets and palates.

Nguni Beer is crafted from natural and organic ingredients and boasts a host of health benefits, our craft beer provides your body with vital antioxidants while combating stress!

The benefits don’t end there, we also offer various types of fermented hop flavored malt sugared liquids, lagers, ales, stouts, you name it, each with their own unique and amazing taste at affordable prices.

Established: 2016

Brewer: Craig Hulbert

Owner: Craig Hulbert


Facebook: @ngunibrewing

Contact number: 031 7004525 (for now)



Facilities: currently delivering

Public opening times: N/a 

Tours: N/a