Porcupine Quills Brewing Company Rebranded

We are happy to announce our beloved brewery’s relaunch as 1000 Hills Brewing Company! Brewed with passionate craftsmanship by the beer enthusiast, Trevor Maarschalk, each beer is created authentically for the loved brewery. Grab one of your favourite beers with their new looks, or try out some exciting new brews and flavours!

Established: Established in 2009 (as Porcupine Quill Brewing Company) now 1000 Hills Brewing Company

Brewer: Trevor Maarschalk

Owner: Trevor Maarschalk

Website:  www.1000hillsbrewery.co.za

Facebook: @1000hillsbrewery

Instagram: @1000hillsbrewery

Contact number: 031 777 1566

Address: 4 Wootton Ave, Botha’s Hill, KZN, South Africa 3660

Facilities: Brewery, Deli, Bakery, Restaurant

Public opening times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8.30AM – 4PM

Tours: Take a free behind-the-scenes tour of the 1000 Hills Brewery, see how our thirst-quenching beers are made and enjoy a complimentary beer tasting with brewer enthusiast, Trevor Maarschalk. We’ll show you how we go about brewing your favourite beers, while you sip on a refreshing beverage or two! Open Friday – Sunday 8. 30AM – 4PM. Booking is essential – please contact us on 031 777 1566 to set up a tour.